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ARTSystems LTD has worked for group life insurance companies since 1998. It developed out of two competent former companies. Therefore, it already has over 23 years of established capital in the form of knowledge and valuable experience of longstanding employees. Knowledge and experience are the result of intense cooperation with several Swiss life insurance companies. As a result, the first major project was also developed here in 1983 - the « BVG Express » as a standard system for medium-sized insurance companies. This software solution has been constantly developed further for 20 years. A pioneer service at that time, today it is still considered to be a fully developed, promising and simple to adapt information platform.


ARTSystems LTD is an agile, creative company, which is resistant to crises. This is the advantage of a flat hierarchy, slim administration, a motivating environment, the latest technical infrastructure and the consistent waiver of unnecessary formalities.
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