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IT Competence


The development infrastructure and production platform of ARTSystems LTD are always up-to-date and stand out through high stability. In this way, it can still meet the complex demands of the insurance companies. Not to mention the passion and innovative spirit of the employees. All this makes it possible to operate the in-house developed solutions flexibly and independently or to quickly integrate them into a complex IT landscape within a short period of time.


23 years with Mainframe, 10 years with Windows platform, and 5 years with the Internet - ARTSystems LTD operates with lots of experience. For Mainframe, it designed an IBM CICS on-line solution and a batch processing system. On the Windows platform, ARTSystems LTD particularly dealt with the demanding "Event Driven Paradigm" and the usability within the graphic user interface. For the frequently occurring and numerous mutations of the core business of "Group Life", it developed a quick and secure Internet solution. The consequently implemented numerous web services enable interoperability between the IBM 0S/390 Mainframe world, the Unix/Linux and Windows server world.
ARTSystems LTD detects technical developments and key trends early and precisely. In this way, it also grasped the significance of XML and web services quickly and considered it immediately with new solutions.
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