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Professional Competence

The following three areas are representative of ARTSystems LTD's comprehensive offer:

Tariff System

Thanks to years of support of the BVG system, ARTSystems LTD still meets the complex demands of the insurance companies even today. It has, for example, implemented technical foundations and IT-based formulae for "Group Life" and created an adaptive tariff system. This provides commutation figures, cash values and one-year net premium rates from the basic figures. Through this tariff system, a new group tariff can quickly and precisely generate new tariff tables at any time.
The implementation of the group tariff in 1995 was easily integrated with the tariff system into the existing group system. The current valid tariffs for "Group Life" were also calculated with minor adjustments in a few days.

Insurance-Related Account Management

With the expansion of insurance-related account management, the interest rate was divided into compulsory (law-related) and beyond compulsory (market driven) rates. It was difficult to address the request, as a result it generated many demanding system changes and software refactoring.


The 1st BVG review made it necessary to revise the central accounting system. The latest transparency demands brought adjustments in the entire group system with it.
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